Day After Thanksgiving Monte Christo Sandwiches

    Your Thanksgiving dinner was a fabulous success! But there is still a houseful of out of town guests & they’ll all be awake soon & hunting something delicious before heading to the stores to shop! Every year it’s the same old leftover sandwich. Well not this year!!! This is an amazing treat which even your mother-in-law will have to admit is the Cat’s Pajamas!

Dark Rye or Pumpernickel Bread

Leftover stuffing/dressing

Leftover, sliced turkey

Pigtale Twist Three Berry Vinaigrette

6 jumbo eggs

1/3 cup whole milk

Pinch of Kosher Salt or Sea Salt & freshly cracked black pepper

Confectioner’s sugar (powdered sugar)

Plastic Squirty Bottle

Large grill pan if you have one (makes gorgeous grill marks on these sandwiches for extra “WOW!”

Bright green fresh mint leaves (or Italian/flat leaf parsley, lemon leaves or basil as garnish)

    Pour your Pigtale Twist Three Berry Vinaigrette into a clean, plastic, squirty bottle and chill in the refrigerator. Whisk the eggs with the milk and pour into a shallow baking dish large enough to fit a whole slice of the Pumperknickle. Place 8 slices of bread on your cutting board and spread the leftover stuffing liberally on each. Cover each with thinly sliced, leftover turkey and drizzle with Three Berry Vinaigrette. Place another slice of bread atop each sandwich. Heat your skillet or grill pan over medium high heat. Dip each sandwich into the egg wash as you would with French Toast and immediately place on your grill pan, reducing the heat to medium. We want a nice sizzle creating perfect grill markings (also referred to as hash marks). Another option, especially if you are serving a mother-to-be or if you are concerned with consuming slight amounts of lightly cooked egg is to generously brush one side of each sandwich with the egg wash and place it egg side down on the grill, brushing the second side with egg wash prior to flipping the sandwiches. Keep a close eye by peering under each sandwich by lifting slightly with a spatula to ensuring beautiful browning vs. burning. Once an egg wash begins to brown, it can easily get away from you and blacken if you’re not paying attention causing an unappetizing odor throughout the house. Cook on each side approximately 4-5 minutes depending upon the weight/thickness of your grill pan and the BTU’s of your stove top. Remove and return the sandwiches to your cutting board. I like to cut these into halved triangles and arrange them on a beautiful platter where everyone can help themselves. Holding a handheld, small wire sieve (or powdered sugar shaker) at least one foot above the platter, liberally dust the sandwiches with powdered sugar. Drizzle with more Three Berry Vinaigrette and garnish the platter with whatever greenery you’ve selected. The dramatic colors of the Three Berry Vinaigrette, the snow-white sugar, the crispy brown edges of the warm, toasty sandwiches and the bright green leaves are second only to the luscious textures and flavors as you bite into these Monte Cristo delights! We serve these with fresh fruit OR chunky, cinnamon, homemade applesauce. Fabulous with white peach Bellini’s OR, Spicy Bloody Mary’s with dill pickle spears, olives & celery skewered as a stirrer (leftover from the relish tray of course) OR Pigtale Twist warm Apple Jack Toddies (Pigtale Twist Caramel Sauce, Jack Daniels, & farm fresh, unfiltered apple cider with a few cinnamon sticks & cloves steeping in a pot on the stove)!

This is more of an inspirational idea than a recipe. Use whatever ingredients you have leftover or whatever strikes your fancy. If the stuffing has already been gobbled up, try melting Brie Cheese with the turkey & Three Berry Vinaigrette. If the turkey is already consumed, try fresh breakfast sausage from your butcher with the stuffing & Three Berry. And if every drop of Thanksgiving Dinner has been devoured, make these with Camembert, caramelized onions, fresh Thyme and thick-slab bacon. There are endless, delicious combinations! And remember, diets do not officially begin until January 2nd!

~   May God Bless You & Yours this Holidays Season   ~