Pigtale Twist Buttery Caramel Sauce, Jack Daniel’s & Apple Cider Glazed Whole Ham

When my friend Janet told me her entire family clambers for her Easter Ham glazed with my Pigtale Twist Buttery Caramel Sauce I was shocked! As a Pastry Chef who detests sweets, I was not on board with this one! However… we tested it in our kitchens and offered it at several cooking shows this summer and sure enough, a HUGE hit!

One large cured ham from your butcher or try a Cook’s Ham in your grocer’s meat case (I find Cook’s very consistent & loved by all)

1 Jar Pigtale Twist Buttery Caramel Sauce

1 cup Jack Daniel’s

1 cup farm fresh unfiltered apple cider (whenever available)

1 TBS Kosher Salt, 1 TBS freshly cracked black pepper (Tellicherry or Ecuadorian, very important)

1 jar fancy whole cloves

6-8 branches lemon leaves

2 bunches curly parsley

2 large, perfect oranges with flawless shape, skin & color

1 very sharp boning knife

1 turkey baster